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5th Grade 5th Grade

April 2017


The READING unit is broken down into three bends. In Bend I, Students will research the setting and try to learn alongside the main character, keeping track of the multiple problems they face. They will try to suspend judgement about characters and places as the story unfolds and the author reveals more information about the fantasy world. In the second bend, students will learn to understand that, similar to real people, fantasy characters are complex. They will search for possible symbols in the forms of images, objects, characters, and settings as they interpret metaphors and allegories in fantasy stories. Finally, in Bend III, students will pay attention to how cultures are portrayed in stories, use their knowledge of archetypes to make predictions, inferences, and interpretations, and analyze a story by using lenses, such as being alert to stereotypes and gender norms.

WRITING: You’ll notice that this writing unit is aligned to the fantasy reading unit so that writers read with a special lens, noticing craft and significant characteristics of the genre. Writers will want to try some of the craft moves they notice in the fantasy novels they love—the description of fantastical worlds, the insertion of magical objects or characters, the use of symbolism to guide the reader towards interpretations, and so forth. Students will be able to do this work as writers especially if they have been reading fantasy novels with an eye towards the decisions that authors have made, and the connections between those decisions and the meanings in the stories. Readers can learn to notice moments that provoke a strong emotional response and to think about why the author may have written those moments in that way, and about how those moments connect to the whole of the text. Then during the writing unit of study students can create their own such moments.

The ELA exam will take place on March 28th, 29th & 30th.



Throughout the month of April, we will be preparing for our Statewide Math Exam (May 2nd-4th ) . We will review the 5th grade curriculum with a focus on the standards we know will monopolize the exam, and teach students test taking strategies that will help ensure their success. Following the exams, students will begin a series of lessons to prepare them for Grade 6.



This month the students will be focusing on energy and the ecosystem. They will be paying close attention to how living things interact with one another. These interactions include the flow of energy through an ecosystem. **THERE IS NO STATEWIDE SCIENCE EXAM IN GRADE 5.



Students are going to combine prior units to culminate playing as a modern band.



The students will be studying lines, patterns, and symmetry as they work on their symmetry name project with Mr. Stabeneau.


social studies

We will be learning all about the history of Mexico and viewing events from multiple perspectives.