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First Grade 1st Grade April 2017


Our readers will be Meeting Characters and Learning Lessons…A study of story elements. We will be focusing on the author’s purpose and the lessons learned in each book.

Our writers will be writing realistic fiction stories. We will develop a character and write a variety of stories about that character.



Our Mathematicians will be starting the exciting world of measurement this month! They will be learning how to order and compare objects by length, how to use tools to measure length, and how to use all aspects of a clock to tell time. TEST WEEK OF 4/3


social studies

The first graders will be continuing to learn all about famous women of the past and present; including many of the important contributions they made to help our country throughout our history.



Our scientists will be working on a STEAM BASED class experiment for the school science fair.





Positive Action

Our first graders will be starting Unit 5, Telling the Truth. We will be learning about getting along with ourselves by using positive actions for telling ourselves the truth. When we tell ourselves the truth, we are being honest with ourselves and we feel good about ourselves. Truth is a very important concept that means something you can count on. You can reinforce this concept at home by encouraging your child to talk to you about what they are learning each day.