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Seussical Days

Our Dr. Seuss author study introduced us to rhyming and word families. We "roared" and "bayed" as we gave sound effects to our made-up Dr. Seuss characters. We invented silly rhymes, chant rhymes and danced to rhymes. We l made green eggs and ham and graphed our preferences using "YUCK and YUM".

We also graphed our favorite Seuss books. We celebrated silly sock day and mixed up Monday. We focused on matching upper case and lower case letters as well as beginning sounds. We made “Cat In The Hat” hats. We answered the question, “What would you do if your mother asked you?” and got some surprising answers. We used a color and etching activity to demonstate our feelings as a response to My Many Colored Days. We graphed, sorted and matched using the smart board. We played the Cat in the Hat game as we practice balancing several items from the book

One of our favorite stories to read is One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. We payed a tribute to the book by writing and illustrating our own wacky events. Fishing for letters in a hat shape as well as casting a line for colorful fish in water was busy center activity in our classroom.

We were happy to welcome Xzavier’s mom and Ryan Rhee’s mom on “Read Across America Day”. Thanks so much for volunteering!


We grouped manipulatives in order to sort, add and decompose numbers. The smart board will be incorporated to support this skill. We used dice to help us count and recognize numbers. We have been patterning weather pictures as well as patterning Dr. Seuss characters.


Gingerbread math activities included graphing, as we graphed our favorite stories. We will also sort gingerbread cut outs by color and/or size. We will create patterns of various gingerbread men. Our objective is to teach the children to recognize, describe, create, and extend patterns.


social studies


Social Studies through Ezra Jack Keats

After reading The Snowy Day, we will sequence the events of the story on the flannel board. Our gross motor skills will be exercised by re-enacting many of Peter’s snow day activities. Keats’s style of illustration will be studied by us as we observe the differences between what Ezra Jack Keats painted and what parts were collage.

After reading Peter‘s Chair, we will be inspired to make a graph after we discuss how many siblings we have. We want to determine which students have older and younger brothers and sisters.

We will hold our own pet show after reading the book Pet Show! We will count how many different children appear in this book and how many times each child appeared in the whole book. We will count how many adults are in the book as well. We will discuss if the children who appear in this book are in any other books by Ezra Jack Keats and how many animals are in the pet show. We will discuss domestic and wild animals. We will look at this site, http://www.avma.org/careforanimals/kidscorner/default.asp 
We will have a special lesson for the book APT. 3 and learn about Braille and practice reading Braille letters. We will talk about how blind people accomplish daily living tasks. We also will learn about the harmonica.

After reading Letter To Amy, we will review our addresses. We will talk about the postal system and we will walk to the mailbox to mail our letters! We are also learning about our neighborhood and we will locate our addresses on a Google map. We will be looking at different kinds of maps and learning about direction.

After reading Jennie‘s Hat, we will make our own version of a hat like Jennie' s. We will discuss Keats art style and try to imitate it as we design our hats.


Gingerbread science was explored by predicting what would happen if the Gingerbread Man got wet? We experimented with different temperatures of water and recorded our findings.

Gingerbread Unit

We introduced beginning sounds as we read gingerbread stories. We compared and contrasted several versions focusing on character, setting and story ending. We are re-telling and sequencing the story on the smart board as well. We are planning a Gingerbread Man hunt, which will lead us on a tour throughout the school.. We will be working on our class book that will be presented to you at our very first publishing party. Stay tuned! We hope you enjoy working on the various themed books we send home with your child. These emergent readers include sequencing skills as well as inviting the students to share their thoughts and creativity. This activity facilitates the development of language, comprehension, and writing skills


Coming up next:

Watch out for the Gingerbread Man! We will explore content areas through a study of gingerbread stories. We will also be celebrating books by Dr. Seuss and Ezra jack Keats. Pre-K will look at clothing in our everyday lives and study seeds and plants!

Thank you for contributing goodies and attending our Valentine’s celebration! It was so much fun creating and moving to music with you around our room! The craft was an exercise in using fine motor skills for all of us! The movement activity is one of the ways we use our gross motor skills when we need to stay inside due to inclement weather.


Sung to: "Did you Ever see a Lassie?"
My eyes can see it's springtime, it's springtime, it's springtime.
my eyes can see it's spring-time, the grass is so green!
the green grass, the flowers, the sunshine and showers.
My eyes can see it's springtime and I am so glad.
My ears can hear it's springtime, it's springtime, it's
spring time.
My ears can hear it's springtime, the birds sweetly sing.
The birds sing, the lambs bleat, the frogs croak, the bees buzz.
My ears can hear it's springtime, and I am so glad.
My body can feel's it's spring time, it's spring time, it's springtime.
my body can feel its spring time, the air is so warm.
the warm air, the breezes, no frost and no freezes.
My body can feel it's springtime, and I am so glad!

Sung to the Tune of "I'm A Little Teapot")

I'm a little leprechaun, dressed in green, the tiniest man you’ve ever seen.
If you ever catch me, it’s been told,
I'll give to you my pot of gold

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- Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You: Dr. Seuss'
- Wacky Wednesday - Dr. Seuss
- Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham -- by Dr. Seuss
- Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss,
- Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss
- Dr. Seuss's A B C by Dr. Seuss
- One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss
- The Shape of Me and Other Stuff by Dr. Seuss
- The Littlest Leprechaun (Board Book) –J. Fontes
- Clifford the Big Red Dog: Clifford's Spring - - - Clean Up by Norman Bridwell
- Spring Is Here by Lois Lenski
- Hooray For St. Patricks Day!by Joan Holub
- Luckiest St. Patrick's Day Ever by Teddy Slater
- The Gingerbread Man by Karen Schmidt
- The Gingerbread Boy by Richard Egielski
- The Gingerbread Boy by Paul Galdone
- Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett
- Cajun Gingerbread Boy by B. Amos
- The Gingerbread Cowboy Janet Squires,
- The Gingerbread Girl Lisa Campbell Ernst...
- Gingerbread Friends Jan Brett



The Gingerbread Man

(tune of "Wheels on the Bus")
The gingerbread man ran through the town, through the town, through the town.
The gingerbread man ran through the town singing, "Catch me if you can!"
He ran away from a C -O -W,
a C -O -W, a C -O -W
He ran away from a C -O -W,
singing, "Catch me if you can!"
(*Replace cow with sheep, dog, etc.)
Then he came to a F - O - X,
F - O - X, F - O - X
The fox sat on a box and said...
"You can trust me"
Then the fox ate him up, ate him up ate him up
Then the fox ate him up