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4th grade 4th Grade

April 2017


This month, our readers and writers will be delving into a research project using all the information they have learned about the American Revolution.

In Reading Workshop, they will be looking deeper into several major events during the war such as the Boston Tea Party, the Boston Massacre, Paul Revere and his midnight ride, and more. They will use books, articles and some primary documents to come up with thesis statements about their topic.

They will use all the information and research they have gathered to create hard cover books about the American Revolution. They will write a series of pieces that will go into the books, all that will support the subtopic of their choosing.

How can you help? Please allow your child some time to go to the public library where they can borrow books on the subject they choose. Our classroom libraries, although extensive, are not fully equipped to support the range of topics they students can choose from.



In the beginning of April, we will continue to weave our Math Test Prep in with our usual Go Math Chapters to make sure we cover all material before the Math State Test in April. We will continue to put a lot of focus on word problems and extended response questions.

Mathematicians will begin learning about the relationship between fractions and decimals. We will learn how to record decimal notation for fractions and how to compare decimal fractions.


social studies

In April students will complete the Unit of Transformation of Transportation. They have been focusing on major creations and projects in NYS, such as the Fulton Steamboat, Erie Canal, Brooklyn Bridge, and the controversial career of Robert Moses.



Our scientists will be learning about the characteristics and properties of electricity and magnetism, as well as understand the relationship between them. We will focus on simple circuits, conductivity and magnetic force.