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Second Grade 2nd Grade

April 2017


Reading Workshop

During this unit, readers will be working in clubs on series books. Students will be diving into several different series books and spending time getting to know their characters. Series books can provide a safe, supportive context for not only daring thinking, but also for breakthrough work with skills. As students become more familiar with a series they become bolder and more insightful thinkers. They will become far more adept at the foundational skills upon which all fiction readers rely: previewing, envisionment, prediction, monitoring for sense, inferring, and understanding characters and other story elements.

Writing Workshop

During this unit, students will be working on how to become expert opinion writers. They will write letters about their opinion of a certain book to potential readers. They will draft letters, formulate their ideas, and present reasons for why they have developed their opinion. Throughout the unit they will work to develop stronger, deeper opinions by providing more and more information.



Chapter 9 – During this month we will be moving on to Chapter 9: Length in Metric Units. During this unit students will become familiar with different methods and tools that can be used to estimate and measure length in metric unit. At first students will be introduced to measuring by centimeters. Throughout the unit, they will work their way through the various forms of measurement.


social studies

During this unit we will be learning about rules, rights, and responsibilities. Our class will learn that people create rules, laws, and governments, so that we can get along together better and stay safe. Governments provide many services, such as police and fire protection.



Our upcoming science menu will work hand in hand with the preparation for our STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics) fair. Students in second grade will use their knowledge in engineering to formulate, develop, and build a bridge using minimal supplies. Students will have the opportunity to present their design in front of one another.

Science take home due April 7th.