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ELA Preparing for ELA Tests and Prompted Text Based Writing- Lessons will continue, reading our just right books will continue, as we prepare for our state wide tests. We will look at various strategies and tips needed to be successful. We will self reflect on our responses and use our learning progressions to help us succeed. We will be using the reports of test scores, the latest news on the upcoming tests, as well as questions and annotated answers from prior year’s test.



Chapter 9: Algebra: Relationships Between Variables. Students will explore the essential question, "How can you show relationships between variables?" They will write an equation to represent the relationship between an independent variable and a dependent variable, translate between equations and tables, and graph relationships between two quantities.

Chapter 10: Area. Students will begin to explore the essential question, "How can you use measurements to describe two-dimensional figures?" They will find the area of parallelograms, triangles, trapezoids, regular polygons, and composite figures. They will investigate the relationship among the areas of triangles, rectangles, and parallelograms, trapezoids and parallelograms.



Class 601 will continue our exploration of weather until the middle of March. The science menu will be due March 14th. The labs and most of the menu will be completed in class. The rest will be assigned for homework.

We will also be reading a variety of books about weather, both narrative non-fiction and non-fiction to learn more about our topic. Some of the books we will be reading will be on our MYON account.



social studies

Class 601 will be finishing up their study of Africa by taking a look at the growth and development of Africa and the many influences that have shaped African culture.

They will then begin an exploration of Ancient Rome and will learn all about Ancient Roman Art, famous members of the Ancient Roman society, and major historical events. They will be receiving an Ancient Rome Learning Menu from Mr. Moss as well. .



6th Grade Animations

601 Sawicki Margot
601 Barash Rachel

6th Grade from Moniquepaniagua on Vimeo.

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