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6th Grade 6th Grade

April 2017


ELA – Fantasy Writing and Fantasy Book Clubs. Students will tackle the demanding and complex genre of Fantasy. Students will learn to build the world of a story when it is another world. Students will develop thematic understanding and learn about how authors develop themes to study the way authors approach common themes in Fantasy. We will make sense of multiple plot lines, layered characters and author’s craft.



Chapter 11: Surface and Volume. Throughout the next few weeks, our math class will be learning about surface area and volume.

We will also be exploring nets of solid figures. We will also spend time reviewing for the NYS Math Test which is May 2nd – 4th. We will look at various strategies and tips needed to be successful. We will be reviewing chapters 1-10 so that we are prepared.



Students will explore the differences between living and non living things. We will learn how scientists classify living things. We will learn to use the dichotomous key. We will discover the development of the cell theory. We will explore the importance of a nucleus in a cell. We will learn the names and functions of each part of a cell. We will learn to use the system of binomial nomenclature.

Also, we will be preparing for the science fair through our STEAM project.



social studies

Class 601 will be finishing up their exploration of the physical geography of Africa in class. The essential question we will be reviewing is “How do the geography, economics, people, and key events connect to and shape a continent?”

We will then begin an exploration of Ancient Rome and will learn all about Ancient Roman Art, famous members of the Ancient Roman society, and major historical events. They have received a learning menu from Mr. Moss which is due on May 8th.